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Angel is an entrepreneur and hands-on tech CEO who drives the vision and innovation behind Cuemby, following the mantra of "Do it once, do it right." With his experience in application architecture, infrastructure, and DevSecOps Angel, help companies build, manage and deploy their product without compromising security, performance, and resources.

Angel has a passion for sharing the knowledge which he does through public speaking as a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation speakers bureau as well as in the Fundacion Hispana de Cloud Native in a series called "La Hora de Kubernetes," helping the Hispanic community to have access to content in their native language. His passion for Open-source technologies led him to become an advocate for Cloud Native technologies and Kubernetes. As one of the early adopters of Kubernetes, he is a certified Kubernetes administrator and part of the team that curates the exam. Angel is also involved in the Linux Foundation, helping curate multiples exams.

Angel Ramirez

Angel Ramirez

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