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Join date: Mar 31, 2021


I am a former collegiate athlete and startup founder who is now devoting my time to the development of South Florida's Tech Community.

I am passionate about leading with integrity, creating the win-win affect and understanding what it takes to build a truly great enterprise during unpredictable, fast-moving times.

The Tech Hub's team goal and mission is to Build South Florida into a Tech Hub which includes working with our local startups, universities, coding schools, headquartered companies, area partners, and the tech talent. We offer Tech Talks, panel discussions, podcasts, and career and technical workshops. These are just some of the ways our tech community can get involved.

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Over the years, I have expressed an interest in the science of networking and has studied the building blocks of creating the right team culture. I use my diverse experience to use creativity as the gateway to help meet the needs of our growing community. The hard times trained me to survive and my strength is to always find an alternative. Alternatives are solutions in disguise.

For me it's simple. Work hard, be kind and master the art of 'how can I bring you value?'

Monica Rojas

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