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Join date: Mar 17, 2021


Hi, hola, hau, danke 👋🏽,

Give first -

I’m a Product Hunter and content creator. Let me share your story with my community.

Currently building -

“Quokka” - Anonymous kind messaging exchange that increases your mental health. 💗

Join -

I’m a life loving woman based in Miami, Florida. Artist/Entrepreneur. My current WIP outlines my run for public office.


Loving listening. Happy to chat in 1x1 rooms, or join your stage.

✳️ Modding it up @ Founder Streams & Future of Work

Upcoming *special chats* EST:

- 3/21 2pm How Does Civic Engagement Drive Architecture?

Weekly-ish 😉 EST:

- Monday 8:30 Digital Marketing

3pm Florida Entrepreneur Club

- Tuesday 8am Pitch & Sips

- Wednesday 8am Ask an Attorney

3pm Florida Entrepreneur Club

7pm South Florida check in

- Thursday 7:30am C Suite Culture Conversations

- Friday 3pm Florida Entrepreneur Club

- Sunday 10am Clubhouse Notes

- Sunday 12pm Ask An Author

Author of:

- The Lion and the Elephant: A Children’s Art Book. A gender neutral coloring book for kids! Available online and on Caribu. 🙏🏽

- What Should I Caption This Picture

- Thank You - Gratitude and Movement Childrens Book

- Tell Me Your Best Joke - Single and Dating in 2020

Literacy advocate! “Young readers

make future leaders!”

My passions are ACTS. Art, Community, Technology, Sustainability

My purpose is to bring more good to our world. 🦄

Founder -

☑️ Chibur 💪🏾 A Connection Company “We are passion at work”

☑️ Bootstrap Publications 📚 Boutique Publishing for the ambitious, hungry & determined

☑️ Zen Zone ♻️ 🎨 Business Model Event and Venue space for Artists and the Community to gather and grow

Hostess of Race to the Top 🎥

Editor at Tropicult Magazine 🍌

Producer Miami View Women 📣

Shop CBD made with love at

Drink RootsBoost

Communities I’m making waves with:

🌊 CLEO - Certified Climate Crisis Speaker

🌊 Entre - Social Network for Entrepreneurs

🌊 Finimize - Financial Education to build generational wealth

🌊 Product Hunt - South Florida tech is a thing!

🌊 Venture Café Miami - Ambassador of Creative Industries

🌊 1Million Cups - Connecting Entrepreneurs through storytelling and cafecito

🌊 GoodHuman - Discover things sustainable and ethical

🌊 TWIOOS - Take the plastic free challenge

Looking forward to meeting and supporting you on your journey.




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