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Five-Day Product Hunt Blitz

We're sitting here IRL at Boca Code, Jeff, Michelle, and myself talking about how we can help Florida Entrepreneurs launch products.

  • Do you have a product?

  • Do you know someone with a product?

  • Are you a consumer of a product?

If you answered yes to any of these

(which I'm confident you did), this Product Hunt Blitz is for you.

In partnership with Product Hunt South Florida, we are excited to announce the Product Hunt 5 Day Challenge!

About the Five-day Blitz

Over five days, we will be hunting products that are building in Florida. Each day, the community will rally behind these products and support their launch.

Product Hunt's power is the community, and that's what we aim to bring, the Florida Entrepreneurs Club. We aim to increase visibility and product recognition by engaging in this epic five-day challenge. It's super important that the entire Florida Entrepreneurs community take part to achieve the best results!

To get hunted, submit your Product using the PH 5-day challenge form.

About Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a community of startup founders, developers, and designers that come together in a common forum to share and discover new products. Ryan Hoover founded it in November 2013. People hunt products that are then voted on by the community and featured on the front page. The site includes a comment and a voting system similar to Hacker News or Reddit.

Submission Timeline

To be considered, please submit your startup and/or Product by May 15th, 2021. We will select the products we're hunting the following week and then start tracking the week of May 24th through May 28th. We highly recommend that your Product be ready for prime time if you're submitting it.

Again, are you interested in being hunted? Please fill out the form!

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