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The Nation's Largest Energy Holding Company is Investing in Florida's Future

Are you a Florida Entrepreneur? Yeah? FPL's 35 Mules may be a good fit for you.

NextEra Energy (NEE) and its subsidiary Florida Power and Light (FPL) are investing in the future of Florida through its innovation hub, 35 Mules, which helps entrepreneurs and startups take their businesses to the next level.

This Friday, July 23, 2021, we'll host FPL's, Crystal Stiles Sr. Director of Economic Development to talk about the opportunity entrepreneurs have in joining their 35 Mules accelerator in South Florida. Join us on Clubhouse

About Crystal Stiles

Crystal manages FPL's economic development team and led the 2020 launch of 35 Mules, an FPL accelerator and innovation hub committed to developing Florida's next generation of startups. She's an excellent resource for news and information on Florida's latest economic development trends. Learn More

About 35 Mules

35 Mules provides resources and support to invited startups in order to grow Florida’s next generation of world-changing companies.

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