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Participate in the FLENT Product Hunt Blitz

What is the FLENT Product Hunt Blitz?

It's a campaign on behalf of the Florida Entrepreneurs Club community supporting Florida's best new products in tech.*

How you can help

Introducing the Five companies

Monday 5/24/21 - Real Trade

Maker: Ryan Poole

Tagline: A Community-based Real Estate Marketplace

Elevator pitch: RealTrade is a revolutionary real estate platform with a marketplace and a social media component and a very disruptive business model.


Tuesday 5/25/21 - bundleIQ

Maker: Nicholas Mohnacky

Tagline: Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

Elevator pitch: Get essential notes, messages, and docs when you need them most, in mid-thought, sentence, or text with bundleIQ's AI-powered writing assistant.


Wednesday 5/26/21 - The Google Sheet

Maker: Chris Johnston

PH Profile: n/a

Tagline: The Miami Tech Spreadsheet

Elevator pitch: Access community curated Miami tech events in one place.

Thursday 5/27/21 - Ready Set Dinner

Maker: Petra Wintner

Tagline: Enjoy Weeknight Meals

Elevator pitch: A web app that answers "What's for dinner?" considering all your family's habits, preferences, and restrictions.

Friday 5/28/21 - Fish Rules

Maker: Rick Blalock

Tagline: Fish Without Fear

Elevator pitch: Fish Rules App simplifies saltwater and freshwater fishing regulations into an easy to understand format.

*Florida Entrepreneurs Club is not affiliated with Product Hunt (PH) and does not represent PH in any way.

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