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FLENT Welcomes TechCrunch's Senior Editor

Alex Wilhelm seems to understate his achievements, well, at least on every social profile. For example, he proclaims, "I try to write words for TechCrunch. Sometimes it goes ok." How could Alex be the Senior Editor at the bible of tech news or the former Editor in Chief at Crunchbase News?

As media guys, we think your words are fantastic, Alex. And, we're happy to have you as our guest at the Florida Entrepreneurs Club.

Join us on Monday, June 7th at 4 pm EST for a chat with one of tech's most sought-after journalists.

For those looking to go deeper - Alex is also the co-host of a 2021 Webby award winning technology podcast, Equity Podcast alongside @nmasc_ and @dannycrichton every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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