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10x10 Writing Challenge Rules & Tips

Thanks so much for your interest in our 10x10 writing challenge! Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to write 10 articles in 10 days with a minimum of 500 words per article. We encourage everyone to participate! A writing challenge is a great way to boost your creativity and sharpen the all-important writing muscle. By the end of this month, you’ll be a storytelling machine! You can sign up here.

What's going down?

As a group, we'll participate in a 10-day writing challenge starting Monday, 3/22/21, and ending Wednesday, 3/31/21.

The rules are simple

  • Publish one article per day on your blog or website

  • 500+ word count/post

  • Complete the daily challenge by 12 am the next day

  • Share the article on LinkedIn, Twitter, and whatever other social site makes sense (see hashtags below)


Find some vibey instrumental music like this - Spotify Playlist

Here’s how to do it:

Please consider using the following guidelines when posting and sharing on social media. 1) Hashtags

2) Tag SFLE on social

@sfleclub on Twitter and on LinkedIn

3) Link to us! When writing your articles we’d love if you could add a line with a link to the homepage (and we’ll link back).

For example: I was nominated by to participate in this 10x10 writing challenge.

4) Need accountability or help brainstorming topics?

We’ll be hosting a daily room on Clubhouse (look for the 10x10 hype room under the Florida Entrepreneurs Club) at 3PM ET to help keep everyone accountable and going strong!

5) Need a writing playlist? We got you covered

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Jacq & Co.
Jacq & Co.
Mar 23, 2021

Same! I hope that you guys enjoy my content. I love reading and writing about media law, communication ethics, fintech, and public relations! I know those are all very different topics but we'll see what I can create within the next 10 days! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. 😀


Mar 22, 2021

just going to try my best

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